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Our Mission

I am dedicated to serving you and your family. I would love to help you create your desired relationship by helping you foster greater trust, commitment, love, and a shared vision of the future. I do this by helping you learn ways to support one another's dreams, manage conflict, and rebuild emotional connections through effective communication.

“Friendship fuels the flames of romance because it offers the best protection against feeling adversarial toward your spouse.”

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Psychological Services

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Individual Therapy

Quality Care

My clinical focus with individuals has been on Generalized Anxiety Disorder and perfectionism. The therapy process includes assessment of the existing symptoms and impairments, as well as psycho-education, and skills- building training. Together, we will look at limiting beliefs and attitudes about yourself, as well as daily routines and rituals that  do not serve you. You will learn helpful ways to calming your nervous system while changing the monologue that keeps you stuck in negative feedback loops. 

Couples Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

I specialize in couples therapy and have advanced training in this area. As a couple you will learn how to reconnect as friends, share fondness and admiration as in the early stage of the relationship, as well as manage conflict effectively. Because emotional responsiveness is one of the key principles to making marriage work, you will learn how to respond effectively to your partner's needs and pain so that trust will be rebuilt and maintained.

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Regardless of who you are, where you've been and what you are going through now, I'm in it with you.


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